Government of South Australia’s Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes

For over a decade, South Australians have been the world’s most enthusiastic adopters of renewable sources of energy, such as rooftop solar. The energy produced by all the solar power and wind power systems in South Australia can, at times, exceed the demand for energy. This excess generation can destabilise or even damage the electricity grid.

To continue the enthusiastic adoption of solar while maintaining the stability of the electricity grid, the Government of South Australia has implemented new technical standards and requirements applicable to PV and Battery installations. Details are posted on the government webpage: Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes.

The five new requirements and Solahart's response to each one are: 



Requirement: Voltage ride through standards for generating systems connected via an inverter in South Australia.

Solahart's Response: All Solahart inverters are approved and listed on the SA government webpage: Voltage Ride Through Approved Inverters.


Requirement: Remote disconnection and reconnection requirements for prescribed distributed generating systems in South Australia. This requirement stipulates that all new electricity generating systems are capable of being remotely disconnected, and later reconnected, by an agent. 

Solahart's Response: Solahart Industries is listed as an authorised Relevant Agent and will manage the connection/disconnection of energy generating systems in accordance with the new regulations. The government webpage listing approved agents is here.


Requirement: Export limit requirements for prescribed distributed generating systems in South Australia.

Solahart's Response: To enable export control and comply with requirement 2, a Solahart Gateway must be installed with every PV and Battery installation.


Requirement: Smart meter minimum technical standards in South Australia.

Solahart's Response: To enable export control and comply with requirement 2, a Solahart Gateway must be installed with every PV and Battery installation.


Requirement: Tariffs to incentivise energy use in low demand periods in South Australia.

Solahart's Response: This requirement applies to electricity retailers only.


The smart new way to manage your solar power

Solahart Gateway is an intelligent communications hub that monitors the solar power you generate, and the energy you consume. It identifies household appliances and habits that use large amounts of electricity and shows you when you’re generating the most solar energy. By adjusting your lifestyle and shifting loads away from expensive peak times, you can maximise the use of your solar energy and further reduce your energy costs.

Add a Solahart Gateway to any solar system

A Solahart Gateway can minimise the overall cost of energy by storing your solar energy in a Solahart PowerStore® hot water system, battery storage system, or by using Solar Scheduling to intelligently turn on devices when there is excess solar production.

With a Solahart Gateway you can:

  • Bring your appliances and energy generating devices together under one monitoring and control platform
  • Monitor your system’s daily energy production and analyse its performance
  • Access your energy data, anywhere, anytime through the atHome App
  • Reduce energy costs by maximising your solar energy and shifting loads away from expensive peak times
  • Coordinate the operation of major devices for optimum savings*
  • Take advantage of up-coming technologies via cloud-based updates
  • Meet the requirements of SA Government’s Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes
  • Receive automatic fault alerts from managed appliances (solar power, batteries, pool pumps, EVs)*

*Included as part of Solahart’s Home Energy Management Services – FREE for 12 months

An exclusive offer for SA residents

Solahart Gateway systems are managed in accordance with the South Australia Government’s Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes at no charge to customers.

Plus, get Solahart’s Home Energy Management Services FREE for 12 months^

  • Receive automatic fault alerts for managed appliances
  • Monitor your home’s cost of energy and the contribution of solar and battery to your electricity bill
  • Optimise your system automatically and intelligently, based on weather and tariff information
  • Automatically manage large energy devices like pool pumps, batteries, electric vehicle chargers and air-conditioners to minimise the cost of energy and avoid the export limitation of your solar power system.
  • Remotely operate selected connected/smart appliances through the atHome App.

^After the 12-month trial, you can opt-in to selected information/services or revert to the basic monitoring package.

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