Installing a solar system is one of the best investments you can make in your home. 
But with so many factors involved, it’s important to get the best advice up-front.

Many solar companies are happy to give you a quote based on a satellite image of your home.
But Solahart always starts with a free, on-site solar assessment. This face-to-face meeting helps us better understand your objectives, your household energy requirements, your roof size and your home’s orientation. This means we can provide you with a bespoke solution for your home and budget.

It pays to book a Solahart solar assessment. We don't just look at your home online, we visit you on-site.

Our solar assessors are fully trained and accredited by Solahart and follow strict health and safety protocols.

Here’s what they’ll do during your free in-home assessment:

  • View your home’s orientation, roof space, and any potential shading issues.
  • Review your current and future energy needs.
  • Discuss your budget and saving goals.
  • Share latest market news, future renewable energy trends, and Solahart’s latest renewable energy solutions.
  • Review optimum panel locations and product options to ensure maximum solar return.
  • Use our award-winning, live Solahart Solar Assessment App, which includes our proprietary Savings Estimator, to demonstrate the financial, energy and environmental savings you could make.
  • Explain our Solahart Australian warranties to give you extra peace of mind.
  • Discuss our installation process and our post-installation customer satisfaction review.
  • Address any questions you have and leave you with a detailed quote.

Learn more about the Solahart Difference.

Download our in-home assessment flyer here.

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