Best Solar Hot Water Solutions

Solahart is justifiably proud of its longstanding reputation as Australia’s best solar hot water system. Our solar solutions have been delivering energy savings to households and businesses since 1953. In this time Solahart’s products have been installed in over 70 countries, to the tune of One million units. You do not enjoy that sort of on-going success without delivering quality and innovation time and time again.

To determine the best solar hot water solution for your home Solahart starts with a free solar assessment. It is only by understanding your energy use, hot water requirements, and roof layout that can we recommend the best solar hot water solution from our range. And, our range of roof top solar, split system solar, heat pumps, and solar power (PV) means we have a solar solution for almost every application. 

Roof Top Solar Systems

The traditional Solahart roof top system usually features two solar collectors and a storage tank installed on the roof in a North-facing location. Roof-mounted water heaters are the most popular option for home owners because there is usually ample roof space for the tank and collectors, thus freeing up valuable ground space. 

Split System Solar

If, however, your house does not have sufficient roof space for a roof top solar system, a split system solar water heater may be best solar hot water solution. Whilst the solar collectors are still installed in a suitable North-facing roof location on the roof, the storage tank is located at ground level either indoors or outdoors. A Solahart split system solar water heater may be best if you prefer a more streamlined look on the roof and have the available space at ground level for the storage tank. 

Heat Pump System

If your household’s roof layout is not suited to solar panels, a heat pump may be a viable alternative. Heat Pumps work by extracting heat from the surrounding air and using this heat to provide you with hot water. The main benefit of heat pumps is they are not reliant on receiving sunshine. The work in the shade, when it's raining, and even at night!

To better understand which system is best for your home call 1300 721 984 to speak with Solahart to arrange a free solar assessment, or simply complete the below form and your local Solahart Expert will contact you.

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