Make Your Home Even Smarter with a Solahart Home Energy Management System

Installing solar technology is a smart way to reduce your energy costs and create a more sustainable lifestyle. And now, there's a new way to get more out of your solar system by making it even smarter: A Solahart Home Energy Management System (HEMS).

HEMS is a technology platform comprised of both hardware & software that allows you to monitor energy production and use within your home. 

The Solahart HEMS consists of an Energy Management Unit and the Solahart atHome web app that allows you to monitor the performance of your home's energy production and consumption.

The Solahart Energy Management Unit helps predict solar energy generation from your solar power system by using seasonal and daily weather patterns and decides when it's best to use high energy-consuming devices.

A Solahart Energy Management Unit also monitors and intelligently coordinates the performance of your PV system, hot water tank, home battery and other connected appliances to reduce your energy costs and give you greater control of your home.

Get Smart with a Solahart Home Energy Management System

A Solahart Home Energy Management System brings your connected appliances and energy-generating devices together under one monitoring and control platform. Use the Solahart atHome App to easily monitor your system's daily energy production and analyse its performance anywhere, anytime.

Reduce energy costs by maximising your solar energy and shifting loads away from expensive peak times.

Access live information about your home’s energy usage and solar power generation. 

Take advantage of upcoming technologies via cloud-based updates, and receive automatic fault alerts from managed appliances (solar power, batteries, EVs).

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