Hot Water Problems

If you have ever had your day ruined because of hot water problems, you will understand the need to get back into hot water fast. In an emergency, our metropolitan Solahart Experts will install a small electric water heater to get you back in hot. If you call between 9:00 am Monday and 5:00 pm Thursday, they will have you back in hot water within 24 hours. 

And remember, when your existing water heater has problems or breaks down, it is a great opportunity to switch to a solar hot water system. Not only will you get your hot water free from the sun, you will also be saving on your energy use. If, like many Australian households, you are concerned about the rising cost of electric and gas energy, Solahart’s sustainable solutions may be able to set your mind at ease. For example, did you know that the average Australian home uses up to 25% of its energy consumption providing hot water? Your local Solahart dealer offers a range of services to make the switch to solar really easy. Reducing your energy use can be as straightforward as installing a Solahart solar water heater and/or solar power (PV) system.

Split Solar System

Choose one of our split system solar water heaters and we can usually replace your problem hot water system within 24 hours and get your family back in hot showers. We will then come back on a day convenient to you and connect up the solar collectors to provide you with the energy savings of solar hot water free from the sun.

As well as solar hot water systems, a local Solahart Expert will advise you on other ways you can harness the sun’s free energy to power your household. If your home has available, unshaded space on a North-facing section of your roof, we can mount solar panels to produce electricity. Solahart’s photovoltaic (PV) cells convert light energy into DC current. When it is passed through an inverter, the current becomes 240V AC electricity to power your home. Connect to the electricity grid and you can sell your surplus solar power to the energy company. 

Call 1300 721 984 to speak with your local Solahart Expert to request a free in-home solar assessment, or simply complete the form below and your nearest Solahart Expert will contact you.

Get a solar assessment

To find the right system for your situation and get an accurate in-home solar assessment, just fill in your details or call 1300 721 984.

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