Gas Hot Water Systems

Australian households have experienced rising energy bills in recent years, a trend that looks set to continue. Do your home’s current hot water systems make up the bulk of your energy-related costs? You may not be aware that water heating accounts for, on average, 25% of a household's energy consumption. An effective way to lessen the impact on your hip pocket, is to replace your energy hungry gas hot water system with a solar water heater. By introducing solar, either with a solar water or solar power (PV) system, to the mix you can quickly and efficiently reduce your energy use and your carbon footprint.

Australia is a sun-soaked country, and the sun’s energy is free. It makes sense to capitalise on the natural resources available to us. Solahart, a leader in the solar industry, can help make this happen for you. Since releasing our first solar solution in 1953, we have gone on to manufacture One million units installed in over 70 countries.

Solar Systems

We have a range of options to convert your gas hot water system to a more energy efficient solar option. Solahart's tried and tested roof top solar system is our preferred solution due to its high efficiency. If your roof space is at a premium, then a split system solar water heater may be a better solution. Both offer loads of hot water and can be incorporated with in-line gas boosters or electric boosters.

Both roof top and split system solar water heaters come with two main components: solar collector panels and the storage tank. The solar collector panels’ function is to attract the sun’s energy and transfer it to the fluid within. All solar panels must be roof mounted and preferably North facing. As the name suggests, the storage tank is responsible for storing the water. A roof top system features the storage tank connected directly to the collectors on the roof, while the split system has a ground-level storage tank.

Heat Pump System

If your household’s layout is not suited to solar panels, a heat pump may be a viable alternative. Heat Pumps work by extracting heat from the surrounding air and using this heat to provide you with hot water. The one main benefit is they are not reliant on receiving sunshine.

At Solahart, we attribute our longstanding global success to our team’s on-going commitment to innovation and high manufacturing standards. To find out more about the benefits of switching from gas hot water to solar, or installing solar power, call 1300 721 984 to speak with your local Solahart Expert to request a free solar assessment on your home, or simply complete the below form and your nearest Solahart Expert will contact you.

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