The new 415W Solahart Silhouette solar panel takes residential renewable energy to a whole new level.

Based on the sleek all-black design of our original Silhouette panels, this new model looks smart on any home and blends in with contemporary roofing styles. But it’s the smart technology inside, and the build quality in every component, that really sets the new Solahart SilhouetteTM panel apart. 

This panel is our most advanced ever, featuring a superior 21.3% efficiency, and an impressive 30-Year Performance Guarantee^.

The key to this increased power and performance is Silhouette’s revolutionary new N-type cell technology. Compared to older P-type panels, this new cell technology offers greater efficiency and consistently higher energy generation throughout the life of the system.


*25-year Solahart Product Warranty covers certain defects with the Solahart SilhouetteTM panels. Please refer to the ‘Solahart PV Systems Owner’s Guide’ for full details, available on Solahart’s website ^30-year Performance Guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of Solahart SilhouetteTM panels and guarantees the maximum reduction in power output performance of the panels over a 30 year period. Neither the Solahart Product Warranty nor the Performance Guarantee are intended to exclude, restrict or modify your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

More ways you benefit

Higher performance means more power every year

Generate an extra 3-5% of power 

The new Solahart SilhouetteTM panel is built to last, with an exceptionally low panel degradation of 1% in the first year and 0.4% thereafter.
When compared to a typical P-type panel system, a Solahart 6.6kW Silhouette system, featuring N-Type 415W panels could generate 3-5% more energy over 25 years of operation.#

#This is an estimate based on the following assumptions: N-type degradation of 1% in the first year and 0.4% per year thereafter. P-type degradation of 2% in the first year and 0.55% per year thereafter. Both systems assumed identical nominal power, system size (6.6kW) and other electrical and environmental parameters. Sample system ratings in Melbourne (VIC) and Perth (WA) were considered to estimate the range. Values may differ for different size, location and parameters; hence this data should only be considered as an indicative estimate. †1000 W/m2, 25±2°C, AM 1.5 G.

Total peace of mind

Since 1953, Solahart has been helping smart Australians to cut their energy bills and future-proof their homes by harnessing the power of the sun. 

Over seven decades, Solahart has grown from strength to strength, pioneering solar in Australia and around the world. Today, Solahart is the most trusted name in residential renewables, with the highest quality products and the most dependable warranties.

Every product in our range is torture-tested to ensure it meets our exceptionally high standards And in the unlikely event of a problem, you can be sure that Solahart will be here to fix it - whether you need us tomorrow or many years in the future.

With our new 415W Silhouette solar panels, you will enjoy a 25-Year Solahart Product Warranty* for total peace of mind, plus a 30-Year Performance Guarantee^ for extra assurance. 

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To find out more about our new Solahart Silhouette 415W N-type panels, or to get an accurate in-home solar assessment, just fill in your details or call 1300 721 984.

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