Solahart's Network of Solar Power Experts

If, like many Australian households, your energy bills are higher than you would like, ask Solahart to install Solar Power (PV) on your home. Afterall the sun’s energy is free.

Did you know that your home can be much more energy efficient? You can switch to solar power to generate your own electricity FREE from the sun for your family.You already pay a lot for electricity today; in the future, you will pay even more, as nationwide, electricity rates continue to increase.

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as Australians begin to take notice of the rapidly increasing carbon emissions that come with burning fossil fuels. The prime advantage of solar power is that it does not emit any greenhouse gases. Instead, solar power is produced by harnessing the sun’s radiation – a process void of any smoke, gas, or other chemical by-product.

Here in Australia, the sun is a vast and rich source of free renewable energy, so it makes complete sense to use it to help power our homes. Solahart have understood this for decades and pioneered solar hot water over 60 years ago. Today we offer a full range of solar power systems, solar water heatersheat pumps, and battery storage systems to help Australian families reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprint.

We have a large network – see the below map – of Solahart Experts waiting to take your call. All our experts are trained and qualified to assess your home or business and your energy use. Our FREE solar consultation ensures you get the absolute best solar solution for your situation. To speak to your nearest Solar Expert phone 1300 721 984 or submit an online request.


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Solahart Dealership Locations

State Solahart Dealership Name State Solahart Dealership Name
NSW Solahart Broken Hill  NSW Solahart Illawarra 
NSW Solahart Canberra  NSW Solahart Newcastle & Port Stephens
NSW Solahart Central Coast NSW Solahart North West NSW
NSW Solahart Central West  NSW Solahart Nowra
NSW Solahart Coffs Harbour NSW Solahart Port Macquarie
NSW Solahart Far North Coast NSW NSW Solahart Riverina
NSW Solahart Far South Coast  NSW Solahart Sydney
NSW Solahart Grafton  NSW Solahart Tamworth
NT Solahart Darwin NT Solahart Top End
QLD Solahart Brisbane Inner South QLD Solahart Fraser Coast
QLD Solahart Brisbane North QLD Solahart Gladstone
QLD Solahart Brisbane South QLD Solahart Gold Coast
QLD Solahart Brisbane South East QLD Solahart Mackay
QLD Solahart Brisbane West QLD Solahart Rockhampton
QLD Solahart Bundaberg QLD Solahart Strathpine
QLD Solahart Caboolture QLD Solahart Sunshine Coast
QLD Solahart Cairns QLD Solahart Townsville
QLD Solahart Darling Downs    
SA Solahart Adelaide South SA Solahart Pt Lincoln
SA Solahart Far West Coast SA Solahart Riverland
SA Solahart Limestone Coast SA Solahart South Coast and Hills
SA Solahart Mile End SA Solahart Waikerie
SA Solahart Mount Gambier     
TAS Solahart Northern Tasmania TAS Solahart Southern Tasmania
VIC Solahart Ballarat VIC Solahart Melbourne South East 
VIC Solahart Bendigo VIC Solahart Melbourne West 
VIC Solahart East Gippsland VIC Solahart Mildura
VIC Solahart Eastern Ranges VIC Solahart Peninsula
VIC Solahart Gippsland  VIC Solahart South West VIC
VIC Solahart Goulburn Valley VIC Solahart Swan Hill
VIC Solahart Melbourne VIC Solahart Wangaratta
VIC   VIC Solahart Wimmera Mallee  
WA Solahart Albany and Great Southern WA Solahart Kalgoorlie
WA Solahart Canning Vale WA Solahart Mandurah
WA Solahart Esperance WA Solahart Midland
WA Solahart Fremantle WA Solahart Osborne Park
WA Solahart Geraldton WA Solahart Rockingham
WA Solahart Joondalup WA Solahart South West WA

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To find the right solar hot water system for your household and to get an accurate in-home solar assessment, just fill in your details or call 1300 721 984.

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