Solahart Mile End

Paul Channon

226 Grange Road, Flinders Park SA 5025

Solahart Mile End commenced operations in July 2007 and is a retail and trade enterprise specializing in Solahart hot water & solar power systems. We are also fully trained in energy storage solutions such as the Tesla Powerwall. Our aim is to raise awareness of and access to products which embrace a philosophy of environmental responsibility, particularly in regards to energy generation and energy usage.

Solahart Mile End offers products, and associated installation services, across the following product categories.

  • Solar Energy Products – Commercial, government and residential solar power systems (grid- connected and stand alone).
  • Battery Storage Systems - Dealers of the Solar Edge &Tesla range of Battery storage solutions and battery management systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems – Solahart premium dealers since 2004. Solahart range of products - integrated roof-top systems, split systems, and heat pumps - electric or gas boosted

The most important ingredient of a successful business is its employees. At Solahart Mile End we believe our sales, administration and installation people are the best in the industry. Our customers continually provide positive feedback and more importantly refer their friends and family to us. Most of our installers are our employees and have many years of experience. We only use Solahart approved panels and inverters from well respected manufacturers with more than 10 years manufacturing history. Solahart Mile End is your low risk investment for solar power.


Solahart Mile End has a strong team of sales and installation staff fully trained in our culture of quality and service. In addition to our own installation workforce we work with a number of independent electrical, plumbing and installation contractors on a regular basis. Our PV installation crew have undertaken “white card” (site safety) training through the Master Builders Association and are approved for work on industrial and commercial sites.

Since commencement of PV operations in 2007, we have installed over 5000 grid connected and battery storage systems ranging in size from 1 to 30 kW. Most of these systems have been residential applications. We have also installed a number of school, commercial & government installations including a 12kw pv array on tilt frames at the SA Desalination plant in 2009. 

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