Solahart Melbourne

Gerard Clarke

Melbourne VIC

First established in 1990 as a Plumbing services company, we have built a reputation throughout Melbourne based on quality and service with our products and installations in the solar industry.

As Solahart Melbourne, we pride ourselves on being a part of our local communities. Although we are part of a major company like Solahart, we live where you live, shop where you shop and we care about the service we provide within our community.

Our involvement spanning over 15 years with Solahart, Australia’s leading brand since 1953 in the solar industry, matches our company philosophy to provide the highest quality product with a level of service to match.

Our dedicated team work with our clients throughout the entire process from assisting our clients in selecting the right solar system to commissioning the system at the completion of the install.

Our continuous improvement and education program ensures all staff are at the forefront with the latest technology and developments in the solar industry.

Our service team are very experienced with all Solahart products and deliver a high quality service for our clients.

Key Staff

Matthew Stickland (Company Director) - Solahart Hot Water Technical Specialist.
Matthew has been involved in the solar industry for over 18 years and specialises in designing systems both in the residential and commercial sectors.

Matthew oversees our quality control to ensure our installations meet the highest standard.

Gerard ClarkeSolahart Sales/Project Manager
Gerard manages our Solahart division looking after our sales team and ensures our clients experience with our installations is an enjoyable one.

Charlie StanyerSolahart Solar Power (PV) Designer and Installer
Charlie has been designing and installing solar power systems for well over 10 years. Working closely with our team, Charlie ensures that all our Solahart solar power (PV) and battery installs are of the highest standard.

Chris Tomkins - Solahart Sales
Chris has over 15 years experience in the construction industry. Since joining our team Chris has been instrumental in delivering successful solar solutions for a range of residential and commercial projects.

Tim SusovichOffice Manager
Tim is a key member of our team and is the first point of contact for our Solahart customers. Tim also manages our work schedule for both installations and service and ensures our clients are kept informed of installation and service dates.

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