Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Approximately 25% of the average Australian household’s energy bill goes towards water heating systems. It stands to reason, then, that significant savings can be made by utilising the sun’s free energy.

By switching to one of Solahart’s solar hot water systems you gain access to 60 years’ of solar energy expertise. Our technology, which we continuously develop and improve upon, is one of the most financially and environmentally effective ways to save energy in Australian homes.

Solahart manufactures three primary solar energy hot water heating systems: thermosiphon roof-mounted systems; split systems; and heat pumps. If you have minimal ground space or would rather your storage tank wasn’t in sight, a thermosiphon roof-mounted system is positioned solely on your roof. The north-facing solar panels are optimised with a dark, heat-absorbent coating which draws the sun’s energy, which is then efficiently transferred to the fluid within. The heated liquid rises, moving to the adjacent storage tank. It’s replaced by cooler fluid at the collectors’ base, and the process begins again.

A Solahart streamline split system comes in two parts, with the ground-level storage tank able to be positioned either in or out of doors. Meanwhile, an electric pump enables the transport of water from the tank, via the solar collectors to be heated, and back to the tank.

If your roof’s layout renders it unsuitable for standard solar panels, your local Solahart Expert may recommend a heat pump instead. A heat pump works by extracting energy from the air, rather than via roof-mounted collectors. The ambient warmth converts the refrigerant into a gas. The gas is compressed to produce further heat, which subsequently increases the tank water’s temperature. This is an excellent year-round, 24/7 solution.

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