Solar Water Heating

Solar Hot Water

Australia’s not short on sunshine, so it makes sense to utilise solar power to produce free hot water. Better for the environment as well as your finances. We focus on tried and tested solar hot water technologies including: thermosiphon roof-mounted systems; split systems; and heat pumps.

Are you limited on ground space or simply wish for your solar hot water solution to be out of sight? Thermosiphon Roof Mounted Systems work according to two key principles: dark objects absorb heat and hot water rises. With this in mind Solahart solar panels are coated with a dark, heat-absorbent substance that draws energy from the sun and efficiently raises the temperature of the fluid in the collectors. As the heated fluid rises and moves into the tank, cooler fluid replaces it at the collectors’ base.

Streamline split solar hot water systems offer Solahart customers greater flexibility when it comes to location. The unobtrusive units come in two parts: the roof-mounted solar collectors, which must face the equator, and the ground-level storage tank. An electric-boosted model also enables you to install it out of sight indoors. Utilising a split system, the water is circulated from the ground level tank through the solar collectors courtesy of the electric pump, or circulator. Once the water has absorbed heat via the solar collectors it is returned to the tank.

If your home’s structure renders it unsuitable for traditional solar panels, consider a heat pump. A heat pump solution means you can forego roof-mounted collectors, instead extracting energy through the air. The ambient warmth converts the refrigerant into a gas, which is then compressed to generate further heat which, in turn, raises the temperature of the tank water. The process works year-round, day and night.

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