Solar Hot Water Prices

Solar Hot Water Prices

The average Australian household’s electric and gas expenses continue to rise. To make significant savings, reduce your overall energy consumption, and cut your carbon footprint, upgrade to a solar power solution. Industry leader Solahart can schedule a local expert to advise you on solar hot water prices in your area and the right unit for your home’s layout.

In Australia and worldwide, the Solahart name is synonymous with solar energy. We are pioneers of channelling the sun’s power for consumers; since releasing our first unit in solar 1953, we’ve gone on to install over 1 million in more than 70 countries.

A Solahart thermosiphon or streamline split system both feature north-facing, roof-mounted panels, plus storage tanks. As a sun-soaked country, Australia’s perfectly placed to harness the sun’s free energy, offering a constant flow of hot water.

If your home doesn’t have ground space to spare for a storage unit, your best option may be the thermosiphon system. In addition to mounting the solar panels on the roof, the storage tank is also elevated. As the panels draw the sun’s energy, the fluid within the collectors heats and rises, moving into the water tank and making way for cooler fluid.

Due to roof shading or long periods without sunshine, solar panels may not be suitable for your home. Fortunately, a heat pump operates by converting air into energy, not the sun. The ambient warmth converts the refrigerant into gas. It’s then compressed to generate further heat which, in turn, raises the temperature of the tank water. The process works year-round, day and night.

For more advice on the best solar system for your home or business, contact your local Solahart Expert for a free solar assessment.