Solahart Hot Water

Hot Water System

To innovate your household hot water system, enlist Solahart. We’ve been helping Australians to make savings on their energy bills via our solar hot water solutions since 1953. In that time we’ve produced 1 million installed alternative energy heating systems in 70 countries worldwide.

Research indicates that hot water makes up approximately 25% of all Australian household energy expenses. Our solutions can quickly result in significant savings, as well as carbon footprint reductions.

Solahart’s roof-mounted tanks all utilise the thermosiphon principle, whereby dark matter absorbs heat and hot water rises. Thermosiphon solar panels are coated in a heat-absorbent coating which absorbs the sun’s rays, heating the cold fluid within. Once the fluid is hot, it transfers to the adjacent storage tank, making way for more cool liquid to start the process again.

Streamline split solar hot water solutions feature roof-mounted collector panels and a ground-level storage tank that can be kept either outside or indoors. An electric pump is also employed to help circulate the water.

According to research an Australian household that utilises a heat pump stands to use a third less energy than standard electric systems. Heat pumps extract energy from the air, the ambient air heats CFC-free refrigerant, which is then transformed into gas. To produce heat that’s transferred to water, the gas is further compressed. To ensure consistent hot water supply, electric boosters are accessible in colder weather.

Solahart’s long-standing success is due in part to our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. With each generation of solar and heat pump products that we produce, we’re dedicated to improving on the last. Each undergoes the strictest performance testing. For advice on the best solar system for your home, contact your local Solahart Expert for a free solar assessment.