Hot Water Systems Perth

Hot Water Systems Perth

Upgrade from electric hot water to one of Australia’s solar hot water systems Perth and you can make significant reductions to your monthly energy-related outgoings, and cut your carbon footprint to boot.

Have you reached out to your local Solahart Expert yet? As long-standing solar industry pioneers, we will assess your home’s layout as well as your current electric hot water usage to plan how best to deliver savings with solar hot water systems Perth.

Solahart has the know how to harness the sun’s free energy to the benefit of our customers and the environment. We developed our first solar solution in 1953, and have since installed over 1 million across more than 70 countries. For continuous hot water systems Perth that are compatible with both electric and gas boosters, ask Solahart about thermosiphon roof-mounted, streamline split, and heat pump systems.

Utilise your north-facing roof space to make savings. Our thermosiphon system features solar panels and storage tank mounted on the roof. The panels host collectors where fluid is heated by the sun’s rays; when the fluid heats it rises, transferring to the adjacent storage tank.

Other hot water systems Perth, such as the streamline split solution, sit over two levels. The roof-mounted solar panels should be positioned towards the equator at a latitude similar to that of your town or city, while an indoor or outdoor storage tank is fitted at ground level. To guarantee continuous water circulation we also include an electric pump.

Do you believe your household’s layout or your location within Australia may mean solar power’s not the best fit for your family’s energy needs? Your Solahart Expert can educate you on alternatives such as heat pumps, which function year round, 24/7, drawing energy from the air to heat the water.