Hot Water System Prices

Hot Water System Prices

If you would like to run a more environmentally-conscious household, your energy solutions may be the best place to start. What’s more, the average Australian household spends approximately 25% of its energy budget on hot water, so there are significant savings to be had with solar power.

Alternatives to electricity and gas include solar and heat pump systems – not only is the sun and air powering them free, it can also greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Speak to your local Solahart Expert and they will inform you of the best hot water system prices for your home including federal government rebates for alternative energy solutions.

Solahart is an industry leader, both locally and abroad. For 60 years we have offered solar hot water systems to replace or complement electric hot water or gas hot water solutions. In that time we have manufactured more than 1 million installed units in over 70 countries.

In addition to thermosiphon roof-mounted systems and split systems, we recommend heat pumps for the average Australian household to make savings and reduce carbon emissions. Doing away with the need for roof-mounted collector panels, heat pump technology extracts heat from the air. Ambient air first warms CFC-free refrigerant, which is then converted into gas. Next, the gas compresses to generate heat that’s transferred to water. Research has found that heat pump systems are 225% more economical than standard electric water heaters.

Many heat pump solutions can be fitted in the same location as an outdoor electric water heater and it is therefore quite a straightforward process. Existing plumbing and electrics can be used.

Heat pumps have the added support of electric boosters when the weather turns cold. For advice on the hot water energy solution for your home, contact your local Solahart Expert for a free assessment.